Youth Genuine Baltic Amber Necklace

Youth Genuine Baltic Amber Necklace

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Youth Genuine Baltic Amber Necklace by local artist Samantha Wirfs.


Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin, this amber is mined near the Baltic Sea. Baltic Amber contains a substance called succinic acid. When worn through direct contact with the skin, body heat causes the amber to release and oil that contains the succinic acid. Once absorbed through the skin it works as an anti-inflammatory much like ibuprofen. This Baltic Amber contains one of the highest concentrations of Succinic acid found in nature.


Baltic Amber is a delicate stone that you should treat with respect and take good care of for it to last. Remove your necklace or bracelet before swimming or bathing. Do not leave your amber in direct sunlight. Do not expose your jewelry to extreme heat or cold. Apply perfumes, oils and cosmetic products before wearing jewelry. When a child is wearing Baltic Amber jewelry please be advised. Do not leave your child alone or unsupervised while wearing jewelry. Do not allow your child to sleep in jewelry of any kind. If any portion of your jewelry becomes worn or begins to fray, please remove the jewelry immediately and have it repaired or replaced; this is a sign of normal wear and tear.

Each bracelet is approximately 7 inches, sizing may vary depending on pattern of bracelet. Each bracelet is handmade, if you need a different size please contact me directly and we can make adjustments if products are available.
We use genuine, natural gemstones for all of our jewelry. Each stone is unique and comes from earth, they may vary in color or pattern. These unique markings contribute to the natural beauty of each stone. Our images are taken by a professional photographer and accurately represent the color of item(s) being sold. If you have questions on a specific item please contact us before purchasing, as all sales are final.
We recommend not wearing jewelry in the water, as long-term exposure to water can make the elastic brittle and metals tarnish.
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