Shungite Cell Phone Disc

Shungite Cell Phone Disc

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1 inch Shungite Cell Phone Disc

Phones, computers, tablets, and other everyday use electronic gadgets produce electromagnetic radiation. The constant use of these devices, especially mobile phones, exposes us to high amounts of these harmful frequencies. Shungite provides a shield against those influences by transforming their energy, providing a protective field around it.

Shungite plates are very convenient, and they can be attached directly to your device or to your phone case.

Shungite is a rare carbon material that is composed of fullerenes molecules. It protects against electromagnetic frequencies, radiation, geopathic stress and other disease-causing vibrational emissions. Shungite has extraordinary protective and shielding properties that come from its unique formation. Studies show that Shungite absorbs pesticides, viruses, bacteria and free radicals. When Shungite is placed into water it has been shown to remove pollutants and microorganisms. Wear this stone for an overall boost to well-being and immune system.

Each stone is unique and comes from earth, they can have dents, fractures, cracks, bumps, ect. They may also vary in color or pattern. These unique markings contribute to the natural beauty of the stone. Most photos on this website are stock photos, the specific stone(s) you receive may vary slightly in each shipment.
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