Septarian Wand
Septarian Wand

Septarian Wand

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Tapered Septarian wand measuring 5.5 inches x 1 inch


Septarian reminds us that even with some cracks we are still beautiful. This stone can help us to heal from our deepest, darkest trauma. Septarian helps us to dig deep to find the root of a problem so that we can face it head on and move past what might be holding us back. Use this stone when examining the people around you and in your life, it will help you to determine if someone is helping you to live your best life or if they are dragging you down. This stone will help you with the pain of severing deep connections when necessary.
Septarian is said to be formed by balls of mud and other organic material that dry out and crack, then those cracks are filled with minerals like calcite, aragonite and limestone.


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