Pink Halite

Pink Halite

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(1) Pink Halite measuring approximately 2 inches

You will receive one similar to those pictured.

Halite is a cleansing and healing stone, helping us to heal our emotional spirit. Halite can balance feminine emotions and help with mood swings. Use this stone to heal from old relationship trauma and abuse. This stone assists us to drop unhealthy habits, helping us to become our highest self.
Halite is a sodium chloride in its mineral form, aka rock salt. These crystals are formed from seawater continually evaporating from large basins. These halite deposits stretch for miles near the Dead Sea. Most pink halite comes from Searles Lake in California. These crystals regenerate themselves every year!

Each stone is unique and comes from earth, they can have dents, fractures, cracks, bumps, ect. They may also vary in color or pattern. These unique markings contribute to the natural beauty of the stone. Most photos on this website are stock photos, the specific stone(s) you receive may vary slightly in each shipment.
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