Mangano Calcite Tower

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(1) Mangano Calcite Tower measuring approximately 1.5 x 5 inches. You will receive one similar to the ones pictured

Mangano Calcite is known as the stone of empathy, it can help us to approach situations with an open mind and loving heart. This stone can assist us in forgiving ourselves and others, releasing feelings of hurt and sorrow. Mangano calcite promotes self-love, increasing your ability to receive and give love. Keep this stone on you to promote positive thinking and uplifting thoughts.

Calcite helps you to gain clarity to better understand your feelings and emotions. It can increase spiritual development and psychic abilities. This stone gives you the confidence to push forward and purse your dreams. Calcite helps to find your inner light, so you can shine from within! It amplifies all that is positive about you and in your life. Use this stone to gain insight into a current situation, giving you the ability to turn an idea into action. Calcite can help boost memory, it is a beneficial study tool for students.


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