Cancer Zodiac Crystal Kit
Cancer Zodiac Crystal Kit
Cancer Zodiac Crystal Kit
Cancer Zodiac Crystal Kit

Cancer Zodiac Crystal Kit

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The Cancer Zodiac Crystal Kit includes 4 hand selected crystals for those born between June 21st- July 22nd

*Carry them with you daily, set them in your office space, keep them on your nightstand, use them during meditation & more.

*Our Horoscope Crystal Kits make the perfect gift for the Cancer in your life.

-RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Cancers tend to think with their heart instead of their head, Moonstone helps to balance the heart and mind of this sign to help create clarity in the decision-making process.

- SODALITE: Cancers can be a moody sign and tend to hide inner vulnerability with a hard shell, Sodalite can help to transform this defense mechanism.

-OPTICAL CALCITE: Optical Calcite can help Cancers to get clarity on feelings that may be upsetting them, it can bring awareness to what triggers this sign.

-ROSE QUARTZ: Promotes love, tenderness and emotional stability to the passionate Cancer.

Please note the crystals you receive may vary slightly from the photo, all stones are unique and may vary in color, size, shape or pattern. Our images are taken by a professional photographer and accurately represent the color of item(s) being sold. All stones in our kits are carefully hand selected with care and attention to detail. All stones are cleansed before being sent to their new home. If you have questions on a specific item please contact us before purchasing, as all sales are final.
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