Kunzite Bracelet
Kunzite Bracelet

Kunzite Bracelet

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(1) Kunzite Stretch Bracelet similar to the ones pictured 

Kunzite is the stone of love. When you carry this stone, you will radiate love all around you. Use kunzite when meditating and working with the heart chakra. This stone will help you to attract healthy romantic relationships as well as loving friends. Kunzite reminds us how to love ourselves, because we cannot love others properly until we love ourselves. It also allows us to feel comfortable, when the time is right, to let down our walls and let love in.


We use genuine, natural gemstones for all of our jewelry. Each stone is unique and comes from earth, they may vary in color or pattern. These unique markings contribute to the natural beauty of each stone.

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We recommend not wearing jewelry in the water, as long-term exposure to water can make the elastic brittle and metals tarnish.

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